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The Nevada Division is made up of men and women, ranging in age from 14 to 90, who are dedicated to educating the public about the Pony Express, then and now, and to performing a Re-ride each year.

The Re-ride is normally setup to be performed during the month of June and is only ridden in one direction. In the even years the ride is from Sacramento, CA to St. Joseph, MO, in the odd years it is from St. Joseph, MO to Sacramento, CA. In keeping with the riders of old, the mail takes 10 days to cross the trail.

The National Pony Express Trail is 1,966 miles in length. From St. Joseph, MO it crosses the Missouri River into Kansas, it  crosses northern Kansas to Holenburg Station, west of Marysville, KS, and heads North to Nebraska. In Nebraska the trail goes west to Julesburg, CO. It cuts across the northeast corner of Colorado and back into Nebraska. The trail continues northwest to Wyoming. In Wyoming the trail goes northwest to Casper where it turns southwest and enters Utah. At Ibapah, UT the mochila is handed off to Nevada. The Nevada Division takes the mochila across the state and up to Lake Tahoe where it is handed off to the California Division. The California riders take it to Old Town Sacramento, CA.


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